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University of Oregon Saxophone Ensemble



The University of Oregon Saxophone Ensemble was founded in 2018 as a performance ensemble.
The saxophone ensemble features a wide variety of performers - from graduate students to
freshmen, and jazz majors to theory majors. This allows all members to benefit from the diverse
background of their colleagues. The UO Saxophone Ensemble plays both new music for the
ensemble and orchestral transcriptions in order to develop a vast expertise palette. Jess Dodge
currently serves as the artistic director of the ensemble. Jess is the graduate teaching fellow for the
saxophone studio and performs regularly with the Oregon Wind Ensemble, Northwest Reeds, and
as a soloist.

Shane Valle is the tenor saxophonist for the Portland Wind Symphony and the Portland-based
Quartet 321. His mother’s affinity for Kenny G put a saxophone in Shane’s hands at age 9, though
Shane has taken his musical inspiration from elsewhere, namely modern and late-romantic
classical music. Shane’s most formative musical experiences were at the University of Washington
where a supportive Director of Concert Bands provided many opportunities for Shane to
experience playing as a soloist, chamber musician, and large ensemble member at a very high
level. Shane’s day job is as a Transportation Planner for the City of Portland, working to make it
safer and easier to get around town.

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