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Sabrina Juhl

Sabrina Juhl is a woodwind doubler who frequently performs in the pacific northwest. She studied
saxophone, flute, and oboe during her time at Central Washington University earning her B.A. in
Music Performance. She has performed with Tacoma Musical Playhouse, Leavenworth Musical
Theater, Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre, Portland Columbia Symphony, Wall-Walla Symphony,
and Mid-Columbia Symphony on saxophones, flute/piccolo, oboe/English horn and clarinet. After
completing her M.L.I.S., Sabrina became a librarian at Brooks Library and is currently earning her
M.M. at CWU.

Flute and Piccolo Doubling for the Saxophonist

Sun. April 14, 11:00 Choir Room

This hands-on clinic will relate basic methods of tone production on the flute and piccolo to
techniques used on the saxophone. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring a flute and/or
piccolo. In this clinic you will receive group instruction on flute and piccolo posture/hand

placement, how to develop your embouchure, exercises to promote tone development throughout
the register, and how to develop your vibrato.

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